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7 Latest Website Design Trends That Will Rule In 2024

With design trends changing now and then, nobody wants their website to look outdated. Staying abreast with the latest design trends can make a web design company in Brampton, Canada attract more businesses looking to gain an online presence with a remarkable website.  It’s not only about impressing visitors but exceeding your competitors.

Expert web designers know how to create a unique web layout. By choosing experts to get website design done, improve your digital footprint now.

Here are some web design trends that will rule the coming year:

1. Bento Grid Layouts

Though these layouts are not new, they are tremendously gaining popularity now. The reason is, that Apple used it recently in its iPhone display page. Bento’s grid layout is a sleek and crisp design with a grid. Apple adopted it to showcase its iPhone 14 and Apple card which make it popular.

Many web companies are favouring this design layout and deploy it in coding new websites. In the coming year, it’s going to be the hottest web design in demand.

2. Fluid Layouts

These highly scalable layouts and design approach is focused on user viewport. They don’t allow a website to snap to predefined breakpoints and deliver a consistent user experience. No matter, which device you are using, this layout ensures a smooth design flow. Instead of pixels, it works on percentage and adapts to all screens. 

Even on folding screen devices, like Galaxy Z Fold, this design appears fantastically effortless with quick loading. Based on a grid design, elements adjust proportionally on all browsers. It’s being circulated that this fluid layout will gain popularity in the coming year.

3. AI-generated Imagery

In 2024, the probability is that AI-generated imagery will skyrocket. This recently introduced website design in Brampton trend will significantly impact website design and images. Released in March 2023, this trend is expected to gain traction as AI image-generation tools improve. 

Being still in the Alpha testing phase, this AI imaging trend will stay prominent in 2024 although with some backlash. Since photos and videos are the trending elements of its popularity, web designs that lack superb photography can excel with this web layout.

4. Retro / Nostalgia Design

The 90s trend is back again and with a high tide. This highly indicates that trends move in cycles, and come again sooner or later. You may have seen that certain websites are still using the 90s or 20s-inspired design for their homepage. Though this seems the bizarre or odd, retro or nostalgic design is a current favourite among online visitors. 

This fun and unique design allows you to stand out from the crowd. To get a cutting-edge website in 2024, it’s better to go back in time.

5. Typographic Hero Images

The hero image is the life of a classic web design and has been the favourite trend for years. In 2024, a similar hero image trend is popular but with a typographic touch. Use a hero image and add bold typography on it displaying your brand tag or punch line. The bigger the font, the better will be the striking impression.

Brampton web design focuses on making a strong impression on the website visitor with extra large typography placed on the hero image. This trend will be seen to a great extent on the web in 2024 with bold typography being more popular.

6. Micro Interactions

Micro-interactions are small interactive components greatly designed to improve user experience. When embedded in the web design, these interactions boost user engagement, behaviour patterns, influenced feedback, form validation and more.

Though micro, these significantly important design aspects contribute to brand identity and user experience on websites and digital applications. These interactions can be as small as a button animation to a status icon but can bring life to an animation. Along with improving UI/UX to boost aesthetic appeal, the micro-interaction design trend is all about small but subtle elements.

7. Bold Typography

As the name suggests, this design trend is all about using bold typography or dramatic fonts to highlight an element. This eye-grabbing design trend can be incorporated into any website design or hero image. With an ability to catch quick attention, establish a visual hierarchy, and perfectly convey brand reputation or message, bold typography follows the minimalist design concept. 

When paired with animations and interactive design elements, this typography trend helps create a compelling web experience. Focused on simple fonts and minimalism, these typefaces will make your website stand out in 2024.


A design can make or break a website’s appeal. With trending web design in Brampton, you can make your simple website turn into a stunning masterpiece. The design trends discussed here are likely to gain immense popularity in the coming year, 2024. 

From Bento grid layout to fluid design, and hero images to bold typography, there are a lot of designs to choose from for making a successful online footprint. 

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